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    Family owned and operated. Serving up creative dishes with style.

    Greenport, NY

    2 Front Street, Greenport

    The latest addition to the Crazy Beans family. Opened in the Fall of 2016. We are so excited to revive the historic Greenport Coronet Luncheonette, which was a landmark spot since the 1950s. We serve up brunch and beverages here.





    Kitchen Open

    Monday-Sunday 8am to 4pm

    Saturday & Sunday 7am to 4pm


    Coffee & drinks available outside kitchen hours.


    **We accept credit cards!**

    Stony Brook Village, NY

    97 Main Street, Stony Brook Village Center

    The vibe is retro at Crazy Beans in Stony Brook Village.

    Here we serve up delicious coffee and barista made beverages along with creative breakfast and lunch dishes all day.




    Kitchen Open

    Monday-Friday 6:30am to 4pm

    Saturday & Sunday 7am to 4pm


    Coffee & drinks available outside kitchen hours.


    **We accept credit cards!**

    Miller Place, NY

    159-14 Route 25A, Miller Place

    We are excited to announce our expansion of our

    Crazy Beans Miller Place!

    We currently in the process of moving to a bigger, better location

    right down the street. 


    Please be patient with us as we await permits from the Town of Brookhaven.






  • Our Story

    We love bacon, and coffee.

    Callie & Tim

    Callie Brennan first opened Crazy Beans in Miller Place, NY in October 2012. Callie grew up in Stony Brook, attended Ward Melville High School and graduated from Suny New Paltz. She waitressed and bartended at several local establishments before making her crazy dream of Crazy Beans a reality. By combining everything she loves under one roof, Callie brought her fantasy coffee shop to life.


    In June 2013, she met Timothy Martino when he came into Crazy Beans for breakfast on his birthday. Tim grew up in Port Jefferson and studied at Long Island Culinary Academy and NYIT school of baking and pastry. He was the original chef and partner of East Coast Burrito, following his six years in the kitchen at Toast in Port Jeff.


    As young business owners, Callie and Tim instantly connected and fell in love. They had their first date at Phil’s in Wading River and four months later they were engaged. After Tim left East Coast, they opened Crazy Beans in Stony Brook in May 2014. While planning their wedding, the couple opened Brew Cheese, a craft beer and artisanal cheese shop, also located in the Stony Brook Village. The rest is history!

  • What we're all about

    We cook everything to order. We believe that when you go out to eat, you deserve to have your meal prepared just for you. Sure it takes a bit longer, but it’s worth it... We are from here and live here. Because of that, we love our community and we support our local businesses. Our amazing staff makes Crazy Beans possible. They work really hard. We love them. Please be nice to them. On that note: we’re not robots. If there is anything we can do better, please tell us. We are here to make you happy. That’s the truth. What it comes down to is this: we love eating and drinking. We love people. We created this place for you in hopes that people like us, and perhaps everyone else, would enjoy what we built. We know it can get a bit crazy and crowded in here, thanks for hanging in there with us. We know we’re a little crazy too, but let’s face it, who isn’t?

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